Carpet - Eternal (UrbanLegend)

Filament P.E.T
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Square Foot Installed w/Pad
Carpet Only: $1.89/Sft + tax
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A nice high end Soft dense thick quality plush carpet.  This carpet does not shed and is made of premium high stain resistant P.E.T Fibers designed to hold up in active homes  and also provide a high  level of stain resistance. 

  • A Soft Carpet.
  • Continuous Filament  (No shedding or fuzzing)
  • Approx 65 oz face weight carpet.
  • Advanced Stain Repel by Weardated

Price includes sales tax, removal of old carpet, new 1/2 6lb pad,  vacuuming and power stretch. Min order $650 on installed jobs


We have purchased a truckload for a huge discount that we can pass to you. This carpet is on sale while supplies last.