Carpet - A0400 (Nickel)

Filament SD Polyester
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Square Foot Installed w/Pad
Carpet Only: $2.00/Sft + tax
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A  soft  thick plush carpet with a face weight of  55oz !!. Carpet is made of High quality Soft Solutiondyed Polyester (SD) fibers. Great carpet for active /  busy households. Got a tough stain you can clean it with a mixture of water & bleach!!!  SD carpets are also known as Pet & Kid Proof Carpet.    

  • Continuous filament (No shedding)
  • 55oz face weight carpet  (Dense)
  • Solution dyed Fibers  - High stain Resistance (Bleach resistant!!)

We have purchased a truckload for a huge discount that we can pass to you. This carpet is on sale while supplies last. Min order $700 on installed jobs.

Price includes sales tax, removal of old carpet, new pad, vacuuming and power stretch.  Includes 1/2  6lb  Rebond pad.